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this site looks fucking horrible now

Posted by TOXlCITY - April 24th, 2018

what the fuck is this? it looks like a shitty mobile facebook clone. it has no style or flair whatsoever. minimalism is fine when done right, but this isn't at all.


Comments (11)

agree, it fucking looks like youtube

honestly, i'd rather be on twitter.

c'mon, isn't that bad, m3n, relax, it looks like facebook and youtube but I think is now more comfortable on mobile, anyway I think NG still better tha FB or YT.

i'd say it's roughly on par with google+ at this point. i'd much rather use twitter.

feels weird

weird isn't inherently bad, but this is pretty shit

It looks like twitter.

twitter looks better tbh

good thing I don't mostly care about NG that much anymore

it's a shame that's really even something people can be saying. i totally loved this place back in the day but now it's deader than a doornail.

FINALLY!.... someone with an opinion around here i can agree with; this update does suck fuckin monkey balls, they just try to make it look cool with a "BANNER" even though that's been around since like 2000,

heh, surprised to see you're still around. yeah this is the first time ng has felt like it's just following the leader. every iteration of the site has gone against the grain in some way design-wise till this point. this is just derivative as all hell.

Opinions. I find it quite refreshing.

what's refreshing about being the same as everything else?

I remember when you could use any theme music for your animations, but last year (or 2016, I don't remember) they started to be more strict with the copyright stuff, and they deleted two of my animations without giving me either a notice or a previous warning... I might sound like a crybaby for the copyright stuff but at least I wanted them to tell me through a private message or something... I literally found out that they deleted those animations thanks to one of my fans, it's ridiculous

i hated the new design at first, but i'm starting to get used to it. i still miss the old design, though.

Indeed. I loved the old logo. #BringBackTankman

yeah its awk af